Sunday, December 14, 2008

Old Fall pics

I know these photos are late, but I decided to post some of the fall photos of Landon. He's just shy of 7 months in these photos. It was a bit chilly that day but he really enjoyed playing with the leaves.Because we don't have much of a yard, I took him across the street to our church (very convenient)and let him romp around.He didn't know what to do at first but once he realized I wasn't going anywhere he decided to investigate.

It was hard to get photos of him because I had to keep putting down the camera and grabbing leaves from his mouth.
I love the ones with him sticking out his tongue. He didn't like the taste of the leaves but he kept chomping on them anyway.

My big, blue-eyed boy.

This was the very first photo I took, and if I would have known it would be my favorite I wouldn't have struggled so long grabbing leaves out of his mouth and trying to capture that perfect photo.
Fall here in Tennessee was beautiful, but we are very much looking forward to spending Christmas is Idaho and Utah so we can have ourselves a White Christmas.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Funny pix of Bubba

This is Bubba's new favorite position. He finds something that interests him and honkers down on his knees and plays. Uh-oh, I think the kid is partial to food. He likes to grab things out of the fridge, but luckily he hasn't learned to open it on his own yet (he just sneeks in there when Ben or I are preparing dinner).
This just shows his personaility. He loves to laugh at his mommy and daddy. Also, anytime we have a water bottle he comes up to us and wants a drink. (Thanks Mom and Dad Davis for the high chair)
He is also fascinated with anything that has a flashing light, which includes cameras. At the doctor's office he was impossible to have the little ear gadget look inside his ear because he kept turning to play with the light.No, we don't beat our son...he fell asleep on his hand and it left this imprint. When we saw it we laughed a ton and Ben had to take a picture. By the way, if anyone has any advice on how to get a child to fall asleep on their own when it's bedtime please let us know. Ever since he learned to stand up in his crib he won't let himself fall asleep.

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Here's Landon on his first Thanksgiving. He enjoyed the apple juice while his parents ate the real stuff. (Note to grandparents: If you click on the picture it will be large enough to see Landon's first tooth and the beginnings of his second tooth coming in).

One big happy family, all around the table.

It was a victory! Grandma's mandarin orange jello salad turned out yummy (and only a little bit runny).
Ben never ceases to amaze me with how good he is at making anything meat. The 5 pound turkey breast was great.

And here's a picture of our whole Thanksgiving dinner displayed on the only available counter space in the kitchen, our washer and dryer. Though we were away from family we were able to make Thanksgiving special just for our little starter family. We did have an invite to some friends, but all of us had been a bit under the weather prior to Turkey Day so we decided to lay low. We hope you all had a great Thanksgiving Holiday.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Isn't he the cutest little thing, all curled up on his dad. But wait, there's something even more cute...I love it!!! These two are my sleeping angels. Like father, like son.

Saturday, November 1, 2008



Landon is sporting the ghost outfit that his Grandma D got him. He looked adorable. We went to the combined ward party and enjoyed spending time with friends there. It was also fun to see the other cute customes the kids were wearing.

Our friend Stephanie Dunn got Landon to look at the camera for us. He really loved playing with her stethoscope. Ben is holding up the prize he won for his chili. Yeah, we needed more measuring spoons and Ben said he always wanted wooded spoons. He won first prize and it was the very first time that he made chili. Guess it is a keeper. Landon isn't sure about sitting on the trunk of a car decorated with spider webs and green lights, but maybe next year we will actually take him around and get candy. (That'd be fun for him and us).

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Backyard fun

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I have been wanting to learn how to do these photo collages on Picasa and I thought some pictures of Landon in the "backyard" would be fun to use. After downloading Picasa 3 we had some fun. From the collage you can see that trying to get a photo with a six month old with you and he both in it is not so easy. (Oh, and ignore my lack of eye makeup:) If you want to see the pictures larger just click on the collage.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Picture tag

So my friend Alissa tagged me and for this tag you are suppose to go to your picture files and select the fourth folder and then the fourth photo inside it. Well my fourth folder was of a wedding I did so I didn't want to use their pictures as they were a client, so I skipped to the fifth folder. And low and behold it was my graduation picture taken when I graduated from BYU-Idaho. (Man, I miss my longer, blonder hair!) It's kind of ironic because I keep meaning to print this photo out so I can put it in the nice frame my mother got me when I graduated. So now I remembered, thanks Alissa. As part of the tag, you are suppose to tag four people, but I've noticed a lot of people have done this on their blog already so I'm just going to say, If you want to fine, if you don't that's fine too.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Day in the grass

I took Landon to the park and let him enjoy some time on the grass. Of course, I put him on a blanket because if he takes after his mother he would be allergic to the grass, and not to mention the bugs. He really enjoyed crawling around and smiling for me, until he found the grass. He even tried to put it in his mouth a couple times. I love the last photo because it shows him starting to drift off to sleep, being one with nature:).

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tagged, four things...

I was tagged by my friend Michelle. This was a fun one.
4 Random Things I Love About My Husband
1. He always helps me when I ask (I just have to remember to ask)
2. He loves to cook and most importantly doesn't mind that I don't.
3. He is so loveable and hugable.
4. He is an excellent father and loves to play with Landon.
4 Jobs I've Had
1. The Standard Journal
2. Basic American potato factory (ugh.)
3. Gorman's IGA
4. Oh, yeah. Stay at home mom.
4 Movies I liked but never watched more than Once
1. We are Marshall
2. Runaway Jury
3. Sense and Sensability
4. Count of Monte Cristo
4 TV Shows I Watch
1. Grey's Anatomy
2. House Hunters
4. Diners, Drive-ins and Dives (with Ben).
4 Places I've Been
1. San Diego
2. Las Vegas
3. Jackson Hole, Wyo.
4. Harrisburg, PA
4 of My Favorite Foods
1. yogurt
2. swedish pancakes (made by mom)
3. cabbage casserole
4. and yes, pie!
4 Places I Would Like to Visit
1. New Zealand
2. Italy
3. New England
4. Nova Scotia
4 Things I Look Forward to in This Coming Year
1. Ben completing his first year of graduate school.
2. Landon taking his first steps.
3. Visiting family at Christmas
4. Seeing how my three younger siblings do this year at college.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Six months old!

Landon is six months old.

Height: 27 inches.... 75%
Weight: 17.7 lbs.... 50%

Aunt Lindsie was here to celebrate with him. He got to look at the ice cream cake, reach for it and drool on it, but he didn't get to eat it. (I know, we're so cruel, but he did get his yummy squash)
I can't believe that my baby is already six months old.
Here are a list of some of the cute things he does now:
* constantly rotates his ankles in circles
* almost crawls. He gets his legs going, but can't quite get his arms to move too.
* sleeps through the night (I only have to get up a few times to pat his back and put his binki back in for him to calm down back into a sweet slumber.)
* mumbles a few baby sounds (one of which sounds like mum, mum.)
* holds his own bottle when lying down
* and of course, give the cutest smiles ever

Saturday, October 18, 2008

A visit from family

Ben's family came to visit us in Murfreesboro, and we also went to North Carolina to see Ben's grandparents. Aunt Lindsie came at the end of the trip to spend a few days with us.

Big boy bath

All by himself. He was a bit unsure, but he figured it out.
A little help from mom and he was clean from head to toe.

And here he is a snug as a bug, make that frog, in his towel made by my friend Emily.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Landon Laughing

His first laughs caught on camera....

Landon has been laughing for a month or more, but everytime we crack out the video camera he stops. So this is his first documented laughing, and the funny thing is he is laughing at his Grandma Davis coughing. Since it got him to laugh, she obliged us by continuing to cough until we filmed him. Thanks, Grandma.

Monday, October 6, 2008

This one's for Lindsie

Aunt Lindsie bought this cute outfit for Landon when he was just born, and now he fits it. I had to take pictures to show how grown up he looks in these "big boy" clothes. And his little sandles only added to his maturity since he usually just wears socks or goes barefoot.
The little guy strikes a pose, "Yeah, that's right. I am all that and a bag a chips." The kid cracks me up. It's Ben and my favorite pose of all his "fashion" shots we took.
All that posing made the little guy zonk right out. What an angel. Thanks Lindsie for the cute clothes.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Happy Birthday, Ben!!!

My wonderful, amazing, sweet, husband has now caught up to me in age. He turned 25 today, welcome to the club. Happy birthday, sweetheart, and don't worry just because you are now a quarter of a century old, you're young in my eyes.(You'd better say the same about me:) The best thing about being 25 is now Ben can rent a car and we have lower car insurance! He is truly an adult. For his birthday we went out to eat at Red Lobster Friday night where we had the all you can eat shrimp. Thank's grandma and grandpa Kjar for the gift card. And Saturday morning Ben had one of his most favorite foods his mother makes, an egg and ham casserole. (Bonnie, thanks for sending the recipe to me and walking me through the preparation steps.) And then he opened his presents. Unfortunately being in graduate school he was a little too busy to spend the whole day celebrating, but he enjoyed his birthday "moment."
Oh, and no, we didn't have cake, but he did get his own pint of caramel and chocolate Dove ice cream. I only stole a few bites:)

My two good looking men celebrating Ben's birthday in style at Red Lobster.
Eating the "All you can eat shrimp." It was yummy, yummy.

Landon, a.k.a. Bubba, offered to get the check, although he doesn't exactly look thrilled about it.
And here is Ben on his birthday preparing to eat his wife's attempt at his mother's recipe. (It turned out pretty good).

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The taste of wood?

Yep, he's licking the wood.

And he licks it again, and again.
" Mmm, that was tasty."

So it looks like our son, Landon, has acquired the taste of wood. Any of you know of interesting taste bud fetishes among little babies? Of course, wood isn't as strange as eating dirt and bugs so I guess it's okay. He is pretty partial to the coffee table (and that is not easy to get out of his reach).

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Playing with Dad

There must be something about living on the edge that even babies enjoy. Landon loves it when he is swung (gently) around, espacially when he's upside down. Here's a video.

The best part of it all is that Ben got a hug from Landon thanking him for all the fun.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Davis Look-alike Meter

So I think it comes as no surpise that Landon inherited more of his daddy's physical traits. But I must admit that the results vary on this because a few of the times, with different pictures at different angles, Landon equally looked like us. So I will say, this is a fun thing but don't take it as the ends all of "who looks like who the most" debates.

MyHeritage: Family trees - Genealogy - Celebrities - Collage - Morph

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Well, as you can see I couldn't figure out how to get the slide show in a larger size, so I posted the pictures themselves. I took these photos of Landon because we are thinking about going to JC Penny and getting some photos done and I wanted to see if overalls without a shirt would be cute. I used the website Picnik to add soft focus, and a vinette to some of the photos. What do you think?