Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday was wonderful. It is just lovely to go to church and really ponder the true meaning of Easter. Now that I am in primary I get to learn what my children are taught on Sunday, and it was a special treat to see Landon and Katelyn answer questions about the Savior's death and resurrection. My heart was full knowing that they understood, at least a little bit, why Easter is celebrated. True, they are very excited about the Easter Bunny and candy, but what little kid wouldn't be?


Nine months and sisters

Baby Ally is 9 months in these photos--I'm just a month late in posting these! She is just cute as a button, so smiley and just into everything. She is 10 months now, and is crawling everywhere, trying to get up steps, and she races to get to any door that is left open before mommy can close it. The other day I started crying, out of the blue, because I had the thought "My baby is growing up!" 

 On another note: Kate and Ally are sisters and I hope they will always be friends to. There is a 2.5 year age gap, and only an 18 month age gap between Kate and Landon, so I am looking forward to seeing how close these little girls will be to each other. Katelyn will call Ally, "Little Chicas" or sweetheart and it is the cutest thing. To be honest, Landon plays with Ally more than Kate, but like I said it will be fun seeing these sisters turn into best friends.

Picture recreated

So I have this picture of my mother sitting on the couch with her first three children, all dressed and ready to go to church. As I was looking at it the other day I realized that my children are almost the same exact ages as Krista, Keven and I were in that photo. So I recreated it one Sunday. I held Ally, just as my mom held Keven, and then placed Landon in Krista's spot, and Katelyn in my spot. Below is the final product.
Katelyn's tongue cracks me up! Maybe I was goofy too, all those years ago.
 And here is one without the tongue--but I still like the first one better :)
 And here are just some photos of the kids because lets face it--they are pretty darn cute.

Valentine's fun.

We had fun this Valentine's day this year. We made sugar cookies and decorated them and then played Valentines Bingo. That game was a hit--we have played it a dozen times since then.
 Their cookie creations. They ate more icing and toppings then what ended up on their cookies!

 Eating their cookies.
And a picture of Daddy and Ally watching the fun (we did give Ally a spoonful of frosting, and she went to town on it!)

Christmas vacation

Finally getting to our Christmas photos! We got to spend Christmas in Utah this year and boy was it a lot of fun. We love getting to see everyone and now that we live in Colorado we get to do it more often. We packed a lot in on those five days we were there. We took the kids to Temple Square to see the lights. It took us FOREVER to find parking and it was really crowded, but the kids liked looking at the lights.

 Peeking inside the temple.
 The Tabernacle
 The kids were happy to warm up, and the adults were glad to get out of the crowds for a bit.
 The kids watching a "dancing" fountain show at the mall across the street from Temple Square. Katelyn was so ecstatic about it that everyone around us was watching her reactions instead of the show! She was beaming and squealing with delight.
 Snowball fight at Grandma and Grandpa's.

Grandma and Grandpa Davis, thank you for having us for the holiday. You spoil us WAY too much, but we LOVE it. Haha. Spending time with family on Christmas is wonderful and we are glad that the kids get to share that special day with their grandparents. One of the best things about Christmas is watching the kids open presents. Their excitement is contagious.