Sunday, November 30, 2008


Here's Landon on his first Thanksgiving. He enjoyed the apple juice while his parents ate the real stuff. (Note to grandparents: If you click on the picture it will be large enough to see Landon's first tooth and the beginnings of his second tooth coming in).

One big happy family, all around the table.

It was a victory! Grandma's mandarin orange jello salad turned out yummy (and only a little bit runny).
Ben never ceases to amaze me with how good he is at making anything meat. The 5 pound turkey breast was great.

And here's a picture of our whole Thanksgiving dinner displayed on the only available counter space in the kitchen, our washer and dryer. Though we were away from family we were able to make Thanksgiving special just for our little starter family. We did have an invite to some friends, but all of us had been a bit under the weather prior to Turkey Day so we decided to lay low. We hope you all had a great Thanksgiving Holiday.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Isn't he the cutest little thing, all curled up on his dad. But wait, there's something even more cute...I love it!!! These two are my sleeping angels. Like father, like son.

Saturday, November 1, 2008



Landon is sporting the ghost outfit that his Grandma D got him. He looked adorable. We went to the combined ward party and enjoyed spending time with friends there. It was also fun to see the other cute customes the kids were wearing.

Our friend Stephanie Dunn got Landon to look at the camera for us. He really loved playing with her stethoscope. Ben is holding up the prize he won for his chili. Yeah, we needed more measuring spoons and Ben said he always wanted wooded spoons. He won first prize and it was the very first time that he made chili. Guess it is a keeper. Landon isn't sure about sitting on the trunk of a car decorated with spider webs and green lights, but maybe next year we will actually take him around and get candy. (That'd be fun for him and us).