Saturday, October 31, 2009

Introducing Katelyn Jane Davis

Our baby girl arrived yesterday, October 30th at 1:16 pm. She weighs 6 lbs 9 oz and is 20 1/4 in long. Both Katelyn and Kyra are doing great!

Here are a few pics to get you by until we can get the rest loaded on to the computer.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Red Crayon and Need parenting advice

What can an 18-month-old do with a red crayon and 10 seconds of unsupervised time? A masterpiece on the hallway wall... (You have to look close because the crayon didn't show up well in the photo, but it takes up about a three-foot stretch of our wall).
With the birth of baby girl coming soon, I've decided it's time to start doing some research on how to best get a baby to start sleeping through the night in a timely manner. We didn't get a good nights sleep with Landon until he was 6 months old and with having a toddler already i really don't want to be sleep deprived that long again!
There are lots of theories out there such as "cry it out" and the "always go to your child when they cry method." My question for you parents is did you find a particular book or method that worked for you--and if so, please share. Thanks.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Pumpkin patch, nursery, and pregnant pic

We took Landon to Walden Farms, a pumpkin patch with lots of activities, for Family Home Evening. I really wanted to do something festive that he would enjoy, and he sure did love the pumpkins. He walked up and down the muddy patch holding his own pumpkin. He also loved watching all the farm animals. He did really well up until the end when he was getting tired because he had a short nap. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.
"This one is mine."
He didn't want to let his pumpkin go so we parted with the $2 and brought it home with us. (It took all of 10 minutes once we got home for him to break the stump off, but he still loves his orange "ball")

It's a bad picture, but I wanted to show the corn stalk he picked up and wouldn't let go. He's always picking up sticks.

Playing with all the farm equipment toys. He went after anything that had wheels--what a boy.

And our baby is so big now becuase he went to his first day of nursery this past Sunday. Ben has been amazing at taking care of a rambunctious toddler who can't stay in one place for many, many Sundays now so he was very excited for this day. As soon as we dropped Landon off he went right to the toys and never looked back. We have discovered as long as there are children, he is a happy boy.

He didn't want to leave the toys when church was over. Notice the yummy snacks in his hand and shirt pockets.

And here is the much more rested father after church holding his nursery boy and his little art project.

And I bit the bullet and finally took a pregnant photo of me at just past 36 weeks. Landon loves to always touch my belly, but he thinks he has to pull my shirt up to do it so it's always fun to make sure he doesn't do that in public! We are coming up on 38 weeks now and are excited for Baby Girl to come soon.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Just wanted to give a shout-out to my honey on his 26th birthday. He's such a good husband and father. Landon, I, and soon-to-be- baby girl, are so blessed to have him in our lives. Thanks for all you do honey, and welcome to the 26 club.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Build -A-Bear

Grandma Davis sent Landon his very first Build-A-Bear. He loves it. It's perfect for his future room that will have an Atlanta-Braves theme.
Thanks, Grandma!