Saturday, April 28, 2012

Katelyn's salon trip

Katelyn had her first real hair cut on April 17th. She had been asking to have her hair cut for months and every time we buzzed Landon and Daddy's hair she said she wanted hers done too.
She never wanted to take her eyes off the mirror.
 Her look says "I'm not sure about this Mommy."

Finished product: We cut an inch and a half off but you really couldn't tell. But her hair is much more manageable (if only she didn't have a double cowlick to boot!), isn't near as knotted and it does have more curl to it now. And I was so worried her curls would be lost! 

 I love the below video because it shows how stone-faced she can be when she's around strangers--even though before walking in the doors she was beyond excited!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Birthday part 2

On Landon's actual birthday we let him choose where he wanted to eat which was "Old McDonald's." And then opened presents and ate cake. I think if I am going to keep insisting on making the kid's birthday cakes, a cake decorating class is a must! As wonky as it looked Landon loved his baseball cake so I'll call it a success:)
After blowing out his candle he said he wished he could turn five.

Thanks to all who sent Landon presents, he had a blast opening them.

Enjoy the birthday song video. Landon didn't crack a smile while we sang to him.
We love you, Buddy. You are getting so big. Watching you learn and grow is the best thing for a parent. You make us smile everyday and you can be a big help. Katelyn is your best friend and you both adore and terrorize her! Trains, cars, construction toys and sports are the joys of your life right now. Those big blue eyes and great big grin sometimes help get you out of trouble because a mom just can't resist giving into them:) Mom and Dad are so proud of the big boy you are becoming and can't wait to watch you grow even bigger. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Birthday Part 1--Atlanta

This year we did not throw Landon a birthday party, instead we took him to a Braves game which he said was even better than a party:)

The pictures are in reverse: On our way back from Atlanta we stopped at the Chattanooga Choo Choo train. The last time we were there Katelyn was just a baby.

We stopped at the Atlanta Temple too. Both Landon and Katelyn thought the Angel Moroni was Jesus.
And here is the grand finale: Daddy and son at the Braves Game. Ben said Landon had an awesome time. He loved watching the practice warm ups and he got TWO, yes TWO ball players, one Brewer and one Brave to sign a ball!

And before the game Landon got to open his first birthday present: A baseball glove and ball. Now he and daddy get to play catch!

Monday, April 16, 2012


The kids seemed to understand that Easter is about Christ but they still think the Easter Bunny is pretty cool.
Easter Sunday hat. She called it her "Garden" hat.
All ready for church.

Thanks to the Easter Bunny and grandparents the kids got to find TWO baskets each. They were pretty excited and thought it was neat that the Easter Bunny left a letter for them telling them they had to be better at listening to their parents if they wanted candy next year. And the Easter Bunny told them to remember Jesus on this special day.