Thursday, April 23, 2009

He's one!

Our little Landon turned one last week and boy did we have fun watching him open presents and dig into his cake. His Grandma and Grandpa Davis flew out to celebrate their grandchild's first birthday. He got some wonderful gifts so thank you all who sent them. He especially loves the toys that play music. On a side note, he had his first year check up and he is doing great. He weighs in at 22 lbs (25-50 percentile) and is 30 1/2 inches (75 percentile).

At first he was hesitant to touch the cake, but once he got a taste.... He dug right in .

Don't you just love the blueish colored paste the icing turned into?
I love the little blue line above his brow (looks like Indian War Paint)

And here is daddy holding the proud and happy cake eater!

Here is a video to show you a little of the live action.

Landon, we love you and are so glad you are part of our lives. Here's to many more birthdays.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Chocolate for Easter

We didn't do anything overboard for Landon's first Easter. In fact, besides going to church (which we do every Sunday) and having a yummy roast, the only difference for Landon was some sweet treats from both sets of grandparents. (They love to spoil him). The pictures are of Landon tearing into his chocolate marshmellow egg. I was surprised that he knew how to open it right away and put it directly to his mouth with the cutest look of "Really, you're letting me eat this?"

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tornado in Murfreesboro

We had a devastating tornado hit our city in middle Tennessee on Friday afternoon, leaving a mother and her infant daughter dead, and seven people critically injured, as well as over 100 homes totally destroyed. Though it was a tragedy, we are so relieved the casualties were not greater than it was seeing as it was Good Friday and kids were off of school and a lot of people had work off. It was a large tornado that left a 15 mile trail of damage on the north side of town. Our city has over 100,000 people in it, so it could have been worse. My family and I had left town for an appointment in Nashville about 30 minutes before the tornado hit and the ironic thing is we took the exit out of town that is right where the tornado hit shortly after we left and looking at the damage that is there now you wouldn't believe it was the same place. Coming back into town took quiet a while because traffic was bad with overturned semi trucks and cars and a major overpass being closed. We are just so grateful that we as well as everyone else we know in Murfreesboro is safe, although some people in our church have lost their homes. Camera crews (even reporters from national news broadcasts such as the Today Show) have been here interviewing people who survived and amazingly all the people who have lost their material possessions are optomisic because they are alive and their families are alive. I think that is a great message that brings hope to a lot of people. By the way, this is the second tornado to hit our city in the past couple weeks. The first hit a shopping plaza in the center of town sending three people to the hospital.
News video that shows the destruction

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Just because he's cute

Even in a box he can't resist looking at the T.V. when there is music on.Finally, a look at the camera after the song ended.
And I threw this one in because he looks drunk, but really he's just starting to bop along with the sing-a-long. Yay, for public television programs.

And as proof he's not drunk he balances on his little rocking chair.