Saturday, July 24, 2010

Just because!

With Ben and Katelyn in Utah for the weekend Landon and I have had a lot of one on one time. I haven't really gotten to be alone with him since Katelyn was born. which is strange when I think about how for 18 months it was just me and this little guy home all day!
He is just the cutest son. Ben and I love him so much.

In these following pics he was making faces.

Do I have too.

Stop it!
And I'm gonna eat you!

And now just a couple shots with his toys. It sure doesn't take long for him to make a disaster out of the playroom--and the house for that matter.

He is our little blue-eyed blondie and he is growing so fast. He is so quick too. If he decides he wants to get away he is almost impossible to catch! I found that out in a store not so long ago:( He is loving the ABC song and mumbles it all the time. He also loves to count, but it goes like One, Two, Two, One, Two...and so on! Oh, and his big thing right now is acting like a dog. The other day at the grocery store he started barking if anyone came near the cart--yes it was hilarious, but embarrassing too. It dawned on me the other day that we haven't called him Bubba in probably over a year--guess his baby days are over. But he is still our Little Man Landos!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Little girl playing

I grabbed a quick shot of my little girl playing, but all she wanted to do was run after the camera so I had to take pictures fast. Katelyn is just amazing and is growing so fast. I can't believe she's almost nine months old. She and Landon play together more and more, and even play wrestle one another, although it usually ends badly for her. Enjoy the pics.

What a scholar--reading a torn out page (thanks to older brother Landon) of the Little Engine that Could.

Doesn't this want to make you reach out and pick her up:)

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Fourth of July weekend

It has been wonderful having Ben home for three days. Since he's a true working man now he only gets to spend a few hours every evening with us and we're just not use to that :(, so we made the most of the Fourth of July weekend. First up was the Nashville Zoo. We decided to get the membership so we can go all year round. Next time I'll try and get pics of the animals too, I just snapped shots of my own two monkeys.
Katelyn got lots of "Ain't she cute" comments with her orange sun hat.
Here Landon is pointing out the elephants to his daddy. I think they were his favorite.
And here they are holding hands in our "new" double stroller. They love sitting next to each other and somehow Katelyn always ends up slouched against Landon.

Next is the Fourth of July "fireworks" we did in our backyard. We let Landon throw those little snaps on the drive way and he loved it. Then Ben lit a couple shooting fireworks and spinners.
Can you tell which of our children is the scardy cat? Good thing he has sissy to protect him:) She loved the fireworks up until the very end when there was a loud boom.
Landon was excited to see what was inside the box.
And Little Miss Katelyn Jane showing off her balancing skills.

And the last activity of the week was when Mommy got to take Landon to watch the new Toy Story 3 movie, while Katelyn and Daddy got some downtime at home.
His 3D glasses that we ended up not using since we decided to go to the 2D one instead so he wouldn't have to try and keep those on during the movie. He did really well except for a few minutes in the middle of the movie when he got antsy and wanted to walk around. The poor kid had to sit on my lap the whole time because the seat kept flipping up on him when he tried to sit by himself.
And evidently the movie took it out of him, because for the first time (except a couple times when he was a tiny baby) he fell asleep on the floor.

Anyway, Happy Fourth of July. Thank you for those of you who have and/or are protecting this great country.