Monday, August 23, 2010

Fun at the fair

We went to the Wilson County Fair which is held right here in our little town of Lebanon. Evidently it is among the 50 best county fairs in the nation--guess that's cool. It was much better than the Tennessee State Fair we went to last year. This year we had problems with rain and the fair had to close one of the days, but luckily we made it and were able to spend a couple hours walking around with the kiddos.
We finally took Landon out of the stroller and let him go to the petting zoo. I wish I had a picture, but he screamed like a little girl when the piglets swarmed him. Luckily he did ok in with the chickens. He didn't want to hold them but this 4H girl pretty much made him. Love his look of "Ok, take it away now."
The kids liked to watch the ferris wheel go round.
And this is as close as they got to real livestock! Although we did watch a sheepherding dog round up some cattle. Landon started barking as soon as he saw the dog enter the pen (Some of the older farmers that were watching gave me the evil eye to shut my child up before he interfered with the dog.)
And we ended on a high note--yummy fried fair food and a chocolate dipped cheesecake (which you can see in this picture Landon was eying pretty darn hard--I'd guess you'd call it mouthwatering:)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Trouble they get into

Sometimes they play nice...but
it doesn't end up very well, like when Katelyn took a rugby ball to the head!
This is her consolation prize, the ball and Landon's sippy cup (which he begrudgingly gave her to stop her from wailing).
But sometimes she can hold her own! Landon was a bit surprised.
But she still can be her own worse enemy...
Ben and I had a good laugh and got the camera out AND THEN picked up our wailing daughter--so maybe we didn't win parents of the year that day:)