Saturday, July 9, 2011

Utah visit

The long awaited Utah portion of the trip is finally here! We spent five days at Ben's parents and the kids had a blast spending time with Grandpa and Grandma Davis, and even their Aunt Lindsie flew in. The Saturday we were there was Grandma and Grandpa Kjar's 60th Wedding Anniversary celebration so EVERYONE was there.
Landon helped grandpa with the food --and the yard.
Aunt Lindsie spent lots of quality time with the kids.

Sitting on Grandma's lap at the Zoo. Not sure what she was saying, but Landon looks very interested.
After a ride on the carousel, Landon enjoyed a nice cool treat--Katelyn had some too.
"What's that! (or Wuz at)?" Katelyn said pointing to the Rhino.
The kids, especially Katelyn who squealed in delight, enjoying a ride at Taylorsville Dayzz.
I think Landon would like a hot rod.
While the big family pics were being taken for Grandpa and Grandma Kjar's 60th, Landon scaled the ladder to be closer to Grandpa Kjar. Don't know how I missed getting a picture of the happy couple on my own camera but i'll just have to wait to see what the photographer got.
Landon liked playing with all of the cousins, and he could usually be found at the water cooler with Max and Londyn or playing tag.
Gracie and Katelyn played Monkey See, Monkey Do.

Aunt Jane, Katelyn Jane, and Ben. We think you're pretty GREAT Aunt Jane!
She loved her pretty little sundress.

And the best attempt at a photo with grandparents.

Thank you for the amazing time out there! We know we make it out so rarely and appreciate all who took time off and made numerous visits so we could spend as much time with you as we could. We loved watching the kiddos interact with all of you and the kids still ask for grandpa and grandm--both sets! Landon says that daddy works to make money to pay for the airplane that takes us to see you!!!
Lots of love,
The Tennessee Davis'

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Idaho visit

Well here is the Idaho portion of our trip out west. We spent the first five days of our trip there with my family. It was so good to be home, even for a short while.

(Had to include this pic because look how darn cute my baby sis, Nancy, is!)
Landon jumped right in to playing with his aunts and uncles.
Uncle Lee showed up a couple days after we came so Landon was trying to get to know him here in this photo.
We visited Mesa Falls. Landon liked the rainbow he could see in the mist of the falls.
Goofing off with his Grandma Anderson
Look at all those awesome Anderson's hanging out with the Davis'.
Aren't we cute:) Ben and I visited Mesa Falls when we were dating in college.
Our little Katelyn always seems to have a stone face in pictures, but she sure warmed up to her Grandpa Anderson.
And Grandma Anderson enjoyed reading books to the grandkids.
While there we visited Jensen's Grove (a park in Blackfoot that has a lake).
Grandpa pushed the grandkids (Landon, Brooke and Isaac) in the tire swing.
Trying to get little kids to smile for a photo is tough. Brooke left a couple days before we did to visit her Grandma Charlotte in Brigham City, that's why she's not in the photo.
And to end the Idaho visit I got to stop in on my Grandma Anderson, who is living with Aunt Jean, on our way down to Utah. She's so sweet and is nursing a broken arm that she has to go to physical therapy for. She loved seeing the great grandchildren. She told me the kids look a lot like me, especially Katelyn. I'll take it! Most of the time everyone tells me they look so much like Ben (and really they do, especially our little man Landon).
I really enjoyed watching Landon and Katelyn get reacquainted with my family since it had been quite awhile since they saw them ( I think Katelyn was only four months old when we were there last). Landon was so funny because he latched on to his uncles like crazy and would walk around the house calling "Uncle Keven ( or Kev) where are you?" and "Uncle Ethan (who he called "other Ben" for the first day) Come play with me." Aunt Nancy did her fair share of spoiling the kiddos too. We were lucky that Krista and Juston (although I don't know how they escaped getting a photo taken--but don't you worry, I got you on the video camera!) lived close by so they could visit with us and have Brooke and Isaac come and play. Landon had a blast with the other children in the house and at the park. FAMILY I LOVE YOU! Thanks for taking time off to visit with us.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Huckleberry Mountain Challenge

Yes I have a ton of photos to share from our 10 day vacation in Idaho and Utah, but this deserves it's own post so you'll have to wait a bit for the other photos.

After our trip to Mesa Falls we stopped at a small diner in Ashton, Idaho. My family had heard of the 5 minute and 11 second Huckleberry Mountain Ice Cream Challenge. Basically you get six heaping scoops of ice cream topped with mounds of whipped cream, nuts, and huckleberries and you have five minutes and 11 seconds to chow it down. If you do, the $12.99 price tag becomes $0.00!
Well, can you guess, that Ben said he was up to the challenge? Oh, and my dad. It was a friendly competition between the father and son-in-law:)
All smiles in the beginning

Time to start--Dad was in the lead for most of the time.
Crunch time. The bites got bigger.

(Ben managed to pull ahead in the end)
Way to go on saving $26!

And little Landon kept saying Ben was mean because he was scarfing down the ice cream right in front of him and not sharing. "Save some, daddy. Save some," was his tearful plea. So he got a little bowl of his own.
When he finished he held his bowl up and said, "I win too."--So he and dad took a winners photo holding up their bowls. Too cute, right!?
And what was this little princess doing during the whole thing? Why eating ice and hamming it up for the camera, of course.