Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

After our trip to the coast we spent that Saturday at the pumpkin patch. We tried a new one this year and were happy with it, especially since it was closer to home. The kids were glad grandma and grandpa were along.
Two cuties and their pumpkin patch finds. (Landon walked around forever but eventually settled on one knowing that his was bigger than Katelyn's which is really what he cared about most).
There were little activities for kids all around. Landon loved this water trough.
Katelyn going through the bicycle course.
An attempt at a family pic on the wagon ride. Landon's pouting and Katelyn can't keep her eyes open b/c of the sun. Oh well. Thanks for trying to capture the moment, Grandma D.

Fishing at the pier

Well, apparently you can't visit a beach without going fishing on the pier. Grandpa got up early and went fishing so we met up with him later that morning. Landon was so excited to go fishing. He and Ben stayed and fished for awhile while Grandma, Katelyn and Kyra walked on the pier and looked at the gift shop. Because it was just the guys who stayed to fish, Landon is now adamant the fishing is only for boys. "Girls not fish!" is what Landon always says:) He even told grandpa that the yellow fishing rod was a girlie so he couldn't use it!
"Look Mommy I'm a fisherman!"

By the end of the morning Grandpa had caught six fish (Ben caught one but it was too small, but Landon liked watching it get thrown back in the ocean again to get "bigger."

Great Grandparents in N.C.

Well, Grandma and Grandpa Davis had a two week visit out here in Tennessee and North Carolina. They spent a few days with us, drove to Ben's grandparents, then we drove to be with them for a couple days, then headed to Myrtle Beach, and back home again. Yep, busy!

It was a lot of fun too. AND AUNT LINDSIE got to come down and spend the weekend in North Carolina at Great Grandma and Grandpa's so that was fun.
Katelyn getting her nails painted for the first time.
Great Grandpa gets around on golf carts at his house, so that was the big toy for all the kids.

All the girls
All the boys: Grandpa Charlie, Great Grandpa, Ben, and Landon.

Good Eats at the beach

Besides beach fun, Ben made sure we got some good eats in. We went to a burger joint and ate on a picnic table outside because it was nice out. Also another night we got some seafood for Ben's birthday, but the camera decided it didn't want to work anymore so I don't have pictures of that.
Katelyn enjoying her Nutella, Peanut Butter, Marshmallow cream Hamburger. Yep, we're awesome parents:) Landon had the same thing and it was definitely the most hamburger Katelyn has ever eaten. Hmmmm, maybe I need to start putting Nutella on her sandwiches for lunch.
Daddy and Landon showing off their hamburgers.
Yep. Ben got the "OMG" burger. Pretty much the biggest thing ever, complete with grilled cheese sandwiches and onion rings. CRAZY--and no, he didn't eat it all, he had the rest for breakfast.
We walked along the main Myrtle Beach road by the boardwalk and looked at little gift shops, but the kids loved this HUGE Ferris Wheel. Ben and Landon were gonna go on it but it would have cost $20--that wasn't going to happen! Anyway, we told Landon he can save up his money and ride a Ferris Wheel--and boy did he take us seriously because every coin he puts in the piggy bank he says is for the Ferris Wheel ride.

Myrtle beach fun

Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa splitting the bill with us we were able to get a really nice "off-season" hotel room on the 16th floor overlooking the ocean at Myrtle Beach. We were floored by the view, sea for as far as you could see!
Family beach fun. No Landon isn't being chocked he's just being "encouraged" to look up at the camera!
Landon and Grandpa walked up and down the beach collecting shells.

The Sand proved to be what the kids liked best about the beach. They only dipped their toes in the ocean, and not very willing at that!
The hotel had several pools and that's where the kids got wet--oh and mom when she had to literally jump in the pool and save Katelyn who walked off the steps and submerged herself. (Of course dad was on the opposite end of the pool at the time so mommy had to do it!)
Lazy River. Landon had to hold on tight and by the end all you could see was his little feet!

Ben attempted to boogie board but he was never down at the beach when the waves were good.
If you look close you can see Katelyn glancing sideways at the water. Every time she heard the surf roll it she'd take a peak just to make sure it didn't get her!
Up on our 16th floor balcony.

Early birthday

Because Grandma and Grandpa Davis were here at the first of the month and would not be here for Katelyn's 2nd birthday, Katelyn opened their presents when we got back from our North Carolina/Myrtle Beach trip.
She got "Berry Bear" to match the blanket Grandma made her.
A better look at the blanket--it says Katelyn Jane on the picket fence posts.
And here is one of the cute dresses she got.
p.s. Doesn't my girl have CRAZY hair!?