Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Weigh in- taking control

So I've been talking about getting serious about loosing all the baby weight ever since Katelyn was born--and guess what, she's turning one in a month! No more excuses. That is why I have decided to post weekly weigh ins on the blog so that I have a bit of accountability. I am setting a goal of 20 pounds because I don't want to set a huge goal and get discouraged at how long it is taking and quit. So after 20 pounds I'll hopefully set another goal of 10 pounds to reach my "ideal" weight. Obviously I know I won't reach what I was in college, but I've had two kids and accept that.

The Plan:
I am doing a "lifestyle" change rather than a diet b/c lets face it, diets suck! I read up on what is called the Volumetrics plan which calculates "energy density" or concentration of calories in each portion of food, so that a person fills up on fewer calories. Ex. A bowl of soup is much better than a handful of Wheat Thins and it fills you up for longer. So anyway, I am loosely following that and just simply choosing better food options. And I also plan to throw exercising in. I had been walking two to three miles every other day or more with the kids at the park but a couple weeks ago I sliced my toe open and have had to wait for it to heal. So exercising will, slowly but surely, make its way back into the regimen. But I must say, even though I had been exercising before I wasn't loosing weight which goes to show how important a persons diet is.

Week 1: 3.6 lbs

Total left: 16.4 lbs

Not too bad for the first week. Now I just need to keep going, and yes I realize that the first week will probably be higher than most of the weeks so I am going to be happy as long as the numbers keep going down. Wish me luck.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fun with a bowl

Evidently my children think that cereal bowls should be worn on their heads. I walked in from rinsing out a bottle and this is what I found.
Aren't they cute? It might just be the new fashion trend.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The sun hat

I have no idea why these photos are smaller, but click on them to make them larger if you want.
I wanted to get a picture of Katelyn in her cute sun hat, and Landon was not about to be left out so he tracked down his baseball cap and joined the picture. Don't I have a cute family?!!

This hat was totally worth the $6 because every time she wore it people would always say how cute she was in it and they loved the hat. But alas, it's a 9 month hat so she has outgrown it so hence the pictures so she can see how cute she looked in it someday.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

little girl walking

Katelyn started walking the week she turned 10 months old--just like her brother. I have a feeling these two are going to be competing with each other a lot in the future:) She still mostly crawls but she has fun getting up and walking for a bit too. Landon saw us giving her all this attention and he too started "walking" to mommy and daddy, making sure to fall down and look at us and then get back up. So funny:)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lots of pics of Louisville trip

The Cold DID NOT ruin our vacation!!!! But we were prepared and very well medicated:)
Anyway... For Labor Day weekend we packed up the kids and headed to Louisville, Ky. We had so much fun there, it is one of our favorite cities we have visited since living in Tennessee. Landon's favorite was the Children's Science Museum. He had so much fun running around and touching things. I think he was shocked we didn't keep yelling at him to stop--ahh the freedom. Ben loved the Louisville Slugger Museum and was able to hold what would become the future bats for famous baseball people such as Ryan McCann and Alex Rodriguez. The Zoo was a lot of fun, and we actually liked it more than the Nashville one. We had such a great time and decided it would be a fun place to visit again.