Sunday, May 20, 2012

Pregnancy pic

Yep, I'm big and pregnant. I am at 37 weeks in this photo. I have gained all 30lbs back that I lost last year and then a little more:) With all of my pregnancies I've only really taken one "remember my pregnancy" photo and it is around 37 or 38 weeks. So it was about time I take a picture of this little bundle of joy who is soon going to join this family.
I had to get a pic with the kiddos touching "Baby Blueberry" too. When I was pregnant with Landon, it was Ben and I in the picture. When I was pregnant with Katelyn it was a picture of Landon touching my belly, so it only made sense to have big brother and big sister in this picture!
I just love that the kids call their little sister Baby Blueberry. When we first told them we were pregnant they wanted to know how big the baby was and according to, it was the size of a blueberry so that is what we told them. Ever since then this little one has been known as Blueberry:)
*On another note: I am set to be induced on May 29 at 4 a.m.! So unless Blueberry has other plans, that is the day she'll come.

Mommy Preschool Graduate

A year of Landon attending Mommy Preschool, which was just a few women in the ward who had three year old boys switching off having "preschool" at their house for a week, has come to an end! It got kind of demanding after one of the the ladies dropped out of the rotation so it was just up to one mother and I to switch off, but I'm glad we kept up with it b/c Landon (and Katelyn when it was at our house) had a great time.
Each week focused on a new letter as well as numbers, shapes, colors and animals. Landon knows all his letters and most of their sounds so this summer we'll work more on learning to write them. Finding crafts and activities for the kids to enjoy took some creativity too but usually that was their favorite part--well that and the treats. 
We ended the year with a "Year End" party where we had an alphabet bug hunt, count the roll of the dice game, a fun summer craft and yummy cupcakes. Next year Landon will be in an actual preschool setting in a school so he'll get more structured learning to prepare him for kindergarten. But who knows, maybe Mommy Preschool is just around the corner for Katelyn:)