Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tag, you're it

My old roommate from college, Courtney, tagged me and so I decided to play.

I am: Kyra
I know: that trials in life are meant to make us stronger
I want: my townhome to sell
I have: an adorable baby boy
I wish: I could get a full uninterrupted 8 hours of sleep.
I hate: when I mess up
I miss: some of my old roommates from college (I kept the same answer as Courtney)
I fear: swimming in the ocean and yes, spiders.
I feel: overwhelmed by my move to Tennessee
I hear: the sound of the washing machine
I smell: baby formula that my son spit up on me
I crave: gummy bears
I search: for reassurance that everything will turn out alright.
I wonder: about how I will ever learn all I need to be a good parent
I regret: not majoring in something that would make money (don't major in history)
I love: my wonderful hubby, Ben.
I care: about the environment
I always: forget to switch the clothes to the dryer before going to bed :(
I am not: good at math
I believe: there are consequences to our actions
I dance: never (my college roommates know why)
I sing: when I am rocking my son to sleep
I fight: with my self esteem
I write: an occasional addition to a story I started out of boredom.
I lose: myself in thought all the time
I win: 2 out of 3 times when I play Uno with my husband.
I never: got to sleep with out kissing Ben
I listen: to my father's advice
I am scared: that the economy wont get better
I need: to lose weight
I am happy about: the man that I married and the young son we had together.

Just like Courtney I tag my old roommates and anyone else who'd like to play.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fun with a mirror

Aunt Lindsie held Landon up to the mirror and he decided he wanted to have a chat with the other baby he saw in front of him. Below is a picture.

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom

Ben got to see what it was like to drive in a convertible with the top down thanks to Rob's (who is credited for getting us together) recent purchase. I told Ben, that instead of a BMW convertible, he had me and Landon.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Why I am an aunt

These two cute kids are why I am an aunt. Brooke is almost three and Isaac just turned two. They are always wanting to run in circles, especially when my dad chases them around the room. Because they are only ten months apart they keep Krista and Juston on their toes.
Below, Krista is juggling both my child and hers. What a handful!

One last time...

We had to go to Craigo's one last time since it has been a part of our college experience here in Rexburg. We even got Landon in on the action, but he preferred the milk over the pizza. Ben had to try and beat his old record and by looking at the crusts in front of him you would be correct in surmizing that he did. He ate 16 pizza slices and a wife couldn't be more proud.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Ben is now officially done with undergraduate school. Ben's parents and sister, Lindsie, came up to see Ben graduate. He was the student speaker in his department's convocation ceremony. He did a great job. Landon had been asleep, but woke up when he heard his dad's voice over the microphone. Landon did well, up until the point when everyone appluaded the graduates, and then he began to wail so I had to take him out for the pray. We are so excited that Ben has completed his Bachelor's. Now he is preparing to enter graduate school which starts August 25 in Tennessee.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Our little "Sport"

This was Landon's first photo shoot. He was 2 months old and we decided to go with a sports theme. Ben loves baseball and the ball used as a prop was a ball Ben caught during the San Diego Padre's warm up before the game. We'll see if our little "Sport" follows his papa and plays tee-ball.

Just started

Ben and I are winding up our time here in Rexburg. He graduates with his bachelor's in psychology July 18 and then we will spend a couple weeks visiting family. Everyone said we needed to create a blog before heading out to Tennessee where Ben will be going to graduate school to study Industrial Organizational Psychology. We are excited about the move, but we will miss being by our friends and family. We are going to take plenty of pictures of our little baby Landon so people can see his growth and if we have to, I guess will throw a few of Ben and myself in there every once in a while.