Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lazy day photo op

Well I finally decided to attempt a mini photoshoot with the kiddos and yeah, it went as well as can be expected with to hyper hoodlums:) My wonderful SLR camera that I have had since graduating college has been on the fritz, and I'm sorry to report that today it died--literally right as I was wrapping up the kids shoot. Rest in peace friend...and I do have a lot more photos of the kids on just our little point and shoot but I can't find the darn cord to upload the photos so I guess these will just have to do until later.

Love his face here: WHAT?
And the little lioness with her lion. She was just sitting down and waiting her turn when I quickly shot this pic of her. The window light really shows off her wild and nearly-impossible-to-tame messy mane here!