Friday, March 27, 2009

Baby details

Okay, now that you all saw the fun little picture and have deduced that we're expecting again, I'll let you in on a few of the details. We meant to wait until the first trimester had passed before sharing our good news but after telling a few people here and there, we figured why not tell everyone. SO, we are 8 weeks along and our addition's due date is Nov. 3. My first appoitment is still a couple weeks away and if the due date changes with the ultrasound I'll let you know. Yes, this pregnancy was a surprise because we figured we'd start thinking about Baby #2 after Landon turned 2. But we are very excited. The only downside is the morning sickness (make that "all day" sickness) and the occassional sadness I feel when I think about how my baby Landon isn't going to be the baby anymore. What a sap I am! Anyway, thanks for all the congratulations you sent our way.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

D.C. and Pennsylvania

We took advantage of Ben's spring break and went to D.C. to visit Ben's sister Lindsie and then to Pennsylvania to visit my grandparents. We made sure to squeeze in a lot during our week up north. Here are some of the many pictures taken.
Here we are at Mt. Vernon, President Goerge Washington's home. I went there as a kid so it was fun going back to it. Don't you love Landon's mode of transportation?Here's our tour guide, Lindsie. She took us to the National Mall where all the museums and monuments are. She's lived in D.C. since September so she knows her way around. Oh, and thanks for letting us stay in your bed. And thank Ingrid and Matthew for playing so nicely with Baby Landon. He loved being with them.Here's Landon and I in front of Abraham Lincoln! That was a really great monument.

Landon roaming free on the Lincoln Memorial steps.

Ben and Landon on the Subway, or Metro. It was an interesting experience and a good way for people to move around in a busy city. Although it was a little overwhelming for me.

Landon gets a good look at T. Rex's teeth.

This is the Pentagon Memorial. We went at night and the lights really added to the reverance felt there. We were surprised to see how well thought out the monument was becuase it was arranged by age of passengers and Pentagon workers.

This is the Korean War memorial. My grandfather was in that war.
I also have pictures of the Vietnam Wall and the World War II memorials but they didn't load.
Oh, and to end our D.C. trip we went to a New Zealand restaurant and Ben was in heaven when he got the traditional Pavlova. I must admitt it was pretty darn yummy.

Landon is in the backyard of my Fenstermacher grandparents. They live in the mountains by a river so there would be a lot to do if we had more time to spend.

Landon is sizing up Grandpa Fenstermacher. It took him a little while to warm up to the mustache. He thought it was some sort of animal.

And here is Grandma Fenstermacher holding her third great grandchild. It was the first time that they got to see Landon. And boy, did they spoil him with toys and cookies.
Well there is a lot more pictures and information but I think this blog has gone on long enough.
Hurrah for spring break.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

All dressed up and nowhere to go

So we woke up to four inches of snow today and about forty minutes before church we found out it had been cancelled. Look below to see how our son took the news (bearing in mind he already went through the "torture" of a bath and getting all dressed up).
" Okay, take me to church where for some reason you always shush me and keep me from going where I want to (like under the pew so I can get into everyone elses things and see what they've got for me to play with)."
"What? It's cancelled. No joking this time?!"

"Ah, I'll just sit here and relax before I get down on the ground and play. Can you get me a bottle and turn on the cartoons, please?"

Isn't he cute? Yes, we were a bit surprised to find that there would be no church today because being from Utah and Idaho we're more than used to bundling up and traversing over a couple inches of snow. And as much as I was looking forward to giving the lesson today, it was nice to spend the day at home with my favorite boys. And to everyone's credit here, it was the most snow that they have had in quite a while.