Friday, August 24, 2012


 I am officially a soccer mom. Landon started playing in a pre-k soccer league. He has had two practices thus far and he loves it. After his first practice he said, "Mom, I like soccer more than preschool! Can we have soccer more than preschool?" Haha. He plays every Thursday evening. His team only has four boys and the rest are girls, but he doesn't mind. His sports socks, shin guards and too-long jersey make him look adorable (at least his mommy thinks so!) Just the other day the kids came up with their team name, the Blue Panthers.

 His fan club. (Grandma was able to be there for his first practice!)
 Listening to Coach Chuck, who is amazing with the kids.
 Water break
 Luckily for us, 6-year-old Julia who is there watching her brother loves to entertain Katelyn.

 He's running back to the coach, but doesn't he look like a little football player here?
 And the infamous tongue. I guess Ben use to always stick his tongue out too when he was younger.
 Ball drills
 Game play
Sideline entertainment


Landon started preschool! He is enrolled at a local elementary school and goes four days a week in the afternoons. He comes home and conks out on the couch which is not so great for bedtime, but at least he is having fun! Because it is through the school district he also continues to have help with his speech therapy which is the main reason we have him enrolled in this program. Mom shares carpool duty with another mother in the ward so she only needs to drive two days a week.
 He really wanted a Spiderman backpack.
 Katelyn misses Landon when he is gone but it is nice to have a couple hours a day where she isn't being picked on. Mom will have to start "little kid preschool" with her since she is so eager to learn.

And this is a picture of Landon's classroom. Miss Jenny is his teacher and there are 15 students.

Grandma D visits

Grandma Davis was able to spend a week with us and she sure played with the kids. It was a nice week to have her here too because it was the week that Landon started preschool and had his first soccer practice.

Making cookies with grandma.

Mini Golf was fun.

 Daddy keeping an eye on the ball and the baby at the same time.
 Gotta love how his tongue always sticks out when concentrating.

A whole round of mini golf didn't quite keep Kate's interest so she started finding other means to entertain herself. (And this little gem who has not had a potty accident in almost a year decided she was having too much fun to find a bathroom and just squatted in the grass and "went like Landon." Yep, but she forgot to take her panties off. ).
 And Allyson and Mommy just hung out on the grass.
 She loved "investigating" the foreign object (grass) with her feet:)
 And since Ben had to work that week we found a few things to do on our own, like take the kids to the park and have a picnic lunch before taking Landon to preschool.

Thanks Grandma Davis for coming and spoiling the kids (and Ben and Kyra). We had a lot of fun and are glad you could spend time with us.

Idaho visitors

Grandma and Grandpa Anderson and Aunt Nancy made a short weekend visit to Colorado to see us. It was so nice because now that we live here it is just a 10 hour drive which is much better than the 30 plus hours it would have been to Tennessee. It was short and sweet so we didn't jam pack the two days with much.
We went for a walk along the Cherry Creek trail by our home and played at a park and then went to Ikea. They also went to church with us on Sunday. 

Grandma and Landon hanging out

Swinging (if you can't tell from her expression) is Katelyn's favorite thing to do and so she loved it when Aunt  Nancy or Grandpa pushed her.

The kids made them read TONS of books.  
 And little Ally got lots of loving.
Thanks for coming down! The kids loved all the extra attention and it was Grandpa and Nancy's first time seeing baby Ally. And Grandma was happy to see how big Allyson had gotten in the couple months since she had left us in Tennessee.