Monday, July 30, 2012

Allyson Ann is 2 months old.

We don't have any stats for height and weight since our insurance at Ben's new company doesn't kick in for another month (but she will be visiting the health department for her 2 month shots).
Allyson is beginning to smile which is oh so cute. Ben will spend a half hour on the ground with her getting her to coo and smile at him. She also is sleeping less during the day, especially the mornings. She does seem to designate the early afternoon as her time to be out cold though. We're still working on getting her to sleep through the night. Sometimes she can go with just one bottle feeding but often times it is two. She still does have a clogged eye duct that will hopefully fix itself before she turns one so surgery is not needed. Her hematoma is gone, but a hard bump has remained. But lopsided head and all she's still the cutest little baby girl around:)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

We decided this Saturday would be a good day to start visiting some of the tourist destinations in our new area. We let the kids decide and they chose Tiny Town and Railroad which is a town made of miniature replicas and small trains to ride. It was just 45 minutes away at the base of the Rocky Mountains.

School is in session
"Knock, Knock. Anybody home?"
Landon was excited to see a windmill since he saw a lot of them on the move from Tennessee to Colorado.
She saw her dad and got a real excited look on her face
Look at that cute little grin.
And this Little Miss just vegged out in the stroller while Big Brother and Sister ran around miniature buildings and rode on mini trains.
* AND Mommy was very excited to get a chance to use her new SLR camera. Oh how she has missed it!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

4th of July

We had a pretty low-key Fourth of July here. There were no fireworks because of  a fire ban due to the dry weather that has caused a huge fire in Colorado Springs that destroyed 350 homes. Our ward did have a pancake breakfast at a park so the kids did enjoy that.
 The kids were dressed in Red, White and Blue--but no smiles for these pictures.
 Allyson decked out for her first Fourth of July.

And here a just a couple other pictures to document our life.
Notice the Landon and Katelyn have their hands on their ears, that is due to the loud cries coming from their cute little sister that had enough of being strapped in a car seat. 

This was Allyson's (TOP)  first day at church at a month old. This is the same outfit Katelyn (BOTTOM) wore on her first day of church too.