Monday, January 18, 2010

Two Months Old

So our Katelyn Jane had a mini photoshoot two weeks ago when she hit her 2 month mark. She is so cute, and smiles all the time now. She even jabbers. I love her double chin, and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

And here is Landon at 2 months. You compare--do they look alike?

Friday, January 1, 2010

Chattanooga Trip

We took a mini trip down to Chattanoogo, TN over Christmas break since Ben has school and work off in between semesters. We had been to Chattanoogo once for a one night stay and decided it was a place we would like to go back and spend more time at. So we did, even though we were all a bit sick. We visited the Aquarium and let Landon play with the sharks.
This picture reminded me of Happy Feet, when Mumble ends up in an aquarium. Landon loves Happy Feet because off all the dancing music, so we thought he'd like the penguins, but he wasn't that into them. But if they would of started dancing he'd have joined right in.

Ben showing his little guy the fishes. Landon didn't get too close to the glass because he thought he was going to fall in the water!

This is a replica of the world's largest turtle shell. Landon thought it made a pretty good drum.

It was cold this day, but Landon loved saying choo, choo to a real train.

Our little train engineer

But he was a little afraid once the engine started up. I'd say it was 25 cents wasted, but it was hard not to laugh at the poor little guy's reaction. He's quick.

Mayfield Dairy
This is Maggie Moo. Landon loved the "moo,moo", but unfortunatley the tour was going to be a one and half hour wait so we just got some ice cream instead.

He always wants to feed himself now.

FUN in the Hotel
Our little ones on a king size bed--look at Lando's hair!

He slept so soundly in his portable crib because he was too big to flip from side to side and his bink's never fell out like they do in the crib at home. Notice he still has two, one for the mouth and one for his hand. He's not going to like what's coming at age two when there are no more binkis for night,night time.
Landon is such an observer. He just sat on the couch, grabbed a burp cloth and put it on shoulder and kept trying to get Ben to put Katelyn on his shoulder.
And since Katelyn didn't make it in very many pics, because she was covered up to keep the cold out most of the time, here's a short clip that shows how much she's growing. (As you can tell I had very little use of my voice on this trip, and at the very end of the video Landon says "Bye,Bye" in the background)