Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ally turns one

Our baby turned one on May 29, 2013. It is crazy to see how much she has grown in a years time. We just love her to pieces. 
 First night home from the hospital-rocking with her daddy-o.

AND NOW here is the BIG GIRL
Sadly we had to wait a few days after her birthday for cake because she had a bit of the stomach bug. But she sure liked it once she realized she was allowed to touch it.

 Big brother and sister didn't think she was eating fast enough so they helped out.

 Finally getting to the good stuff! Look at that mess!
And  before the bath clean up.
Allyson we love you very much and are glad that you are with us as a family. You have graduated from little "Blueberry" to Ally-bo-dally, but you will always be our baby blueberry. You have probably been the easiest baby thus far, sleeping through the night better than your brother and sister did. You love to hobble after (yes, you took your first consecutive steps ON your birthday), Landon and Katelyn and LOVE to climb the stairs. You have the highest pitched little squeal too. And you love to "bull doze" with your head on the ground. You also love to keep your head down, but glance up with your eyes--giving a "stern" look to us that just cracks us up. Well, Ally here's to another year of your snuggles, laughs, bumps and bruises and triumphs. WE LOVE YOU.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Birthday Boy

We have ourselves a FIVE year old!

 This boy opted to have fun at two sporting events (the DENVER NUGGETS and the COLORADO ROCKIES games) instead of a big old birthday party. And I think it was a smart choice. He had so much fun going with his daddy and staying up late watching the games. He even took the light rail to the basketball game. Only downside was it was pretty cold out there for the baseball game.

 On the Light Rail to the Nuggets game.
The Atlanta Braves vs. Rockies game. The evening game was canceled because of a snow storm, so Ben got off of work the following afternoon for the make up game. It still was the coldest game of the year!

He also enjoyed all of his presents. So a big thank you to those who sent him everything.

Landon, we love you very much and can't believe how fast you are growing up. You have absolutely shined in your preschool class with your love of learning and are a great big brother to your sisters. You play with Baby Ally all the time and are a joy to have around. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

San Diego part 1

We finally did it! We went on our anniversary--seven years late :) Ben and Kyra went to San Diego the first week of April without the kids. Grandma and Grandpa Davis were kind enough to fly out and watch the kiddos. And boy did those cute grandkids of theirs keep them busy.
First thing we did there was go to the San Diego temple. It was a great way to start off the trip.

 Next we strolled along La Jolla beach. It was beautiful and the seals were lots of fun to watch. What cumbersome animals they are on land, but they are very graceful in the water.

 And we could not forget the rental car that Ben enjoyed driving around on our trip!
 We visited Old Town twice. There was a lot of little shops and museum places to spend time poking around in.

 This was a cute old fashioned store, complete with wicker baskets to put your merchandise in.
 We ate at several Diner, Drive-ins, and Dive places--most of those are on my I-phone, along with pictures of our condo and motor boat tour so I'll do a separate post when I can figure out how to get them on here!
 We took a late evening drive to see the sunset on the ocean and ended up at Sunset Cliffs.
 We saw a surfer coming up some stairs so Ben wanted to see where the stairs led...Kyra wasn't so trilled with the idea.
 We climbed to the bottom of this...
 Look at him out there on the wet slippery rocks, with the tide rolling in...
 Yep. He got wet.
 And he used a house's shower along side the road to clean up.--not sure if that was trespassing or not. Maybe it was kind homeowners who thought building it on the corner of their lot would allow it to be shared? Who knows!
 We also visited Hotel Del Coronado. It is huge and boy is it expensive to stay there! But the beach was nice.
 We even got our feet wet. It was COLD!
 Another morning we did a hike at a state park by close to the Torrey Pines Golf Course. The road up to the trail was very steep and long and then when we got to the top we saw there was a parking lot up there! Oh, well we burned some much needed calories.
"Watch out for Mountain Lions!"

 Some of the hiking trails.
 AND Ben's favorite part of the trip--visiting Torrey Pines Golf Course. Maybe next time he can play or watch a tournament there.

 We also saw Sea Port Village, which was a bunch of small shops by the San Diego Bay.
 These baby ducks sure drew a crowd. The kids would have liked watching them waddle around.

 And once again we thought a visit to Balboa Park was a must. Love the architecture!

 And the thousands of beautiful flowers that could be found everywhere.

Well that was the trip in a nutshell. The second part will be posted soon with all the pics taken on the Iphone. You know you want to see the yummy food, couple pics, the condo, our Bay Tour on a motor boat, and more! So just stay tuned.