Saturday, March 31, 2012

Trip to the park

On Saturday before General Conference started we took the kids to the park before shopping. There was a community event going on that we were not aware of but lucky for us they had a fire engine there. Landon and Katelyn got their own badge and fire hat. That sure was a hit.

A pregnant mommy with her two kiddos. Landon and Katelyn loved their hats but not so much the strap that went under the chin. They kept pulling at it and finally had their daddy hold the hats for them.

Here's a little taste of our adventure at the park:

And then we headed home to watch the first session of General Conference. I had printed off some photos of the First Presidency and Apostles on flowers, let the kids color them and put them on popsicle sticks to make their "General Conference Garden." It didn't entertain Katelyn as well as it did Landon who wanted to make a very colorful bouquet.
Katelyn's flowers (had a tiny bit of color on them, she was more into the tape)
And Landon's colorful garden.
When the Prophet and apostles speak Landon searches his flowers to find the speaker. He calls the prophet Thomas M. Monson--he doesn't get the S part :)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

A picnic

After a really yucky stormy day on Friday I decided to take the kids to the park to get some of their wiggles out and have a picnic on Saturday while we waited for their dad to finish up some work. When we arrived at the park there was some event going on so all the parking spaces were full except for the small parking lot on the furthest end of the park. That meant a long walk to the play area (especially for a pregnant lady), but we made it. Katelyn had just climbed her very first slide when she said "Help. Help! I need to go pee pee!" Long story short, we had to walk all the way back to the car to change her only to realize I only had a pair of shorts for her and it would be too chilly to play outside in that so we had no choice but to go back home. Landon was bummed not to have a picnic at the park but daddy suggested he and Katelyn have their own picnic on the balcony--that sure made them happy. We sure love these two kiddos of ours!

Future photographers

A mother's love means posting pictures of yourself without makeup or your hair done because your kids are so proud of the pictures they took:) I told Landon I was updating the blog with our photos and he said he wanted to take a picture to show his grandparents--so here you go
Very successful photo by Landon
(I had to hold onto the camera when it was Katelyn's turn to keep it from shaking, but she pushed the button).

He got his choo choo back!

What puts a big old grin on this little boy?You guessed it. TRAIN TRACKS!
We had put a lot of the kids toys in bins trying to clean up some of their clutter a couple months ago and meant to get back to them to "match" up all the miscellaneous toys. Needless to say, we never did so Landon took it upon himself to dig out his own train tracks. He played with them for days. There have been lots of "choo choo" and "all aboards" coming from our home. Now to find the one or two remaining train engines still missing in the bins...