Sunday, May 29, 2011


Our "baby" is no longer passed off between mom and dad during the last two hours of church. She gets to be with her big brother in nursery now. Can I just say how crazy it is not to have a child to take care of throughout the three hours of church. Because Landon and Katelyn are 18 months apart we've ALWAYS had a baby tagging along with us...but not anymore!
Staring up at the Nursery leader.

Daddy picking up BOTH kiddos. The nursery leader says that Landon watches out for his "Sissy" and makes sure none of the big kids take her toys away.
She sure is happy now that she gets to play with kids, toys, color, and eat! YAY for nursery.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Zoo trip

Taking advantage of one of the last remaining Saturdays before our move to the apartments in town (and packing up box after box) we decided to take the kiddos to the Zoo. Katelyn was overjoyed that she didn't have to ride in a stroller. She got to wear the monkey backpack with the leash for us to hold on to just in case it got very crowded (which at times it sure did depending on what exhibit you went into).
We love the Nashville Zoo, our only complaint would be that you have to walk a lot from animal to animal--but I guess that is good for the animals because they get more space to roam.
Katelyn walked the entire time, all except for the steepest hill. I'm glad we have a Zoo Pass.

Landon loved it even though he looks serious, and Katelyn, well she only spent a few seconds up there and then spent the rest of the ride crying in my lap.
A quick hug in front of the monkey exhibit.

Alligators. She thought they were the coolest things.
And a $9, one minute ride on a tiny train--not worth the money! But Landon said he liked it.

I'm sure we'll go couple more times this summer--but we'll have to make sure it's not too hot when we go. Tennessee summers are so yucky so you end up spending most of your day inside.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

And they danced...

These two are constantly digging into the "storage area" which happens to be the playpen to get the big toys we put away. The swimming floaties seem to be a favorite of theirs and I walked in on Katelyn twirling away in hers like a little ballerina.
A one, two,, two three...
Landon was a bit more haphazard in his dancing rendition. He kept saying, "Boogie, Woogie." I guess I can accredit that to the Wiggles music DVD we have :)

*Note: You might be wondering why Landon is always running around just in his underwear. Well, he kicks of his pants when he uses the potty and doesn't put them back on. That's why.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day

I was spoiled on Mother's Day. Ben really made sure to pamper me and get the kids involved. It was one of the most enjoyable days I have had in a long time. Thanks, Ben. I couldn't pass up the above photo because just look at the cheezer Landon is pulling. So sweet.
I am blessed to be a mother to my two children. Raising them may be the hardest thing I ever do but it brings so much fulfillment and joy into my life I wouldn't have it any other way. Thankfully I have the world's most amazing husband to be the father of my children so that makes this journey of motherhood even more wonderful. I want to thank my own mother for being such a great example to me. I may not be as good (or any where near) a homemaker as she is but I do strive to walk in her mothering footsteps. I am also so grateful to my dear mother-in-law, Bonnie, for raising a little boy into the great man that he is today. Happy Mother's Day.

Sunday, May 8, 2011


FIVE YEARS! Yep, it's been that long already! Time really does fly when you are busy enjoying life. We have had some ups and downs but really we've been so blessed because of the "easy ride" our marriage has been thus far! It's great that our anniversary falls on a holiday (May 5) because while everyone else is celebrating Cinco de Mayo we're celebrating our marriage--so I kind of feel like we're sharing our own little secret that day :) Hugs and Kisses, and here's to an eternity to go.
We got a babysitter and were able to go shopping and out to eat. We LOVE Red Robin and haven't been there in so long that a cheeseburger was just calling our name. Delicious.
It was a wonderful evening where just the two of us got to reminisce about where we've been and think about where our future will take us.