Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Weigh in #9

Finally! Success. I broke through that darn awful 7 pound barrier with a two pound weight loss this week. It felt really good and it came just in time too because if I stayed at that blasted 7 pounds lost I probably would have just thrown caution to the wind on Thanksgiving and enjoyed my favorite dessert, pie--and several pieces at that:) But this gives me the determination I need to try my darndest to shy away from those high calorie and fattening foods on one of, if not the most, food centered holidays of the year. And this year I have a plan. Since it is just my little family out here in Tennessee we are not going to cook the traditional Thanksgiving dinner because there will be leftovers and I don't want to be tempted. Besides, it's expensive and time consuming. We have opted to go out to eat, so we'll see how that goes.
What changed this week? Well I have recorded all the foods I ate and exercised to FIT TV once a day (ok, I did miss one day). It is just nice to see some results after being stagnate for a month.

Week 1 : lost 3.6 lbs
Week 2: lost 1 lb
Week 3: lost 2.2 lbs
Week 4: gained 1 lb
Week 5: lost 1.2 lbs
Week 6: gained 1.6 lbs
Week 7: lost .6 lbs
Week 8: lost 1 lb
Week 9: lost 2 lbs

Total pounds lost: 9 lbs
Total pounds left: 11 lbs

Friday, November 19, 2010

Turkey craft

I've decided that during Katelyn's morning nap Landon and I will spend one on one time doing crafts, reading, and other various learning activities. Today we made a turkey in honor of Thanksgiving next week. I let him trace my hand, pick out the colors of the feathers and then help me glue them on. And he would NOT have a turkey without a hat--funny kid. He did great.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Weigh in #8

So it wasn't great, but with life going how it did this week it is acceptable. Poor Katelyn has been running a fever for over a week and was miserable which meant she wanted to be held all day and night. I waited to take her into the doctors because she went in last Wednesday for her one year check up and the doctor said she was fine, it was just a cold. So she got two vaccinations and a flu shot, which may have triggered the fever. Well turns out my poor girl has had a double ear infection and a ruptured eardrum. She is feeling tons better since the ear drum ruptured but now has TONS of leakage. Gross. But at least life is returning to normal for her. So anyway, mom duties really came first most of this week so I wasn't expecting amazing results since I can't very well go to the gym with a sick child. So drum roll please....1 pound. I know! I just can't break through those SEVEN POUNDS. But this week is looking better as far as exercise goes b/c I know I can't take the kids to the gym with me with Katelyn on antibiotics but I have found an exercise video I will do at home. Now to find the time, maybe in the the early morning before Ben gets up for the day, or when Katelyn takes a morning nap and I entertain Landon somehow, or at night when the kids go to bed--we'll just have to see. Anyway thanks for sticking with me on the very SLOW process. HERE's hoping I can get past these seven pounds this week:)

Week 1 : lost 3.6 lbs
Week 2: lost 1 lb
Week 3: lost 2.2 lbs
Week 4: gained 1 lb
Week 5: lost 1.2 lbs
Week 6: gained 1.6 lbs
Week 7: lost .6 lbs
Week 8: lost 1 lb

Total pounds lost: 7 lbs
Total pounds left: 13 lbs

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Finally a crib

That's right. Our little girl turned one and we just barely got her in the crib. She has been sleeping in the portable playpen for a year b/c Landon didn't switch out of until a few months ago and we never got around to disassembling it to put it up in Katelyn's room. Ben and his dad got it already for her when they were out visiting and now she is sleeping in comfort:)

And Landon pushed the playpen into the entry way and wanted to play in there with his sister
But if he keeps doing things like this (finding the sunblock and putting it all over both himself and the floor) he may just find that the playpen will soon be his "time out" spot. If you click on the photo to make it bigger you can see how much of it he smeared on his legs.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Weigh in #6 and #7

So with family here all last week I kept forgetting to get on the scale first thing in the morning until Friday or so, which is why I thought I'd just record last weeks with this weeks. It was disappointing anyway. I did a terrible job of watching what I ate and I never made it to work out. So I gained 1.5 lbs. Grrr, but very expected. So this week I actually made it to the gym twice for an hour and a half workout but two days doesn't help a ton. I was able to lose just 1/2 a pound. So my friends I am really disappointed in myself and feel like I should just quit this whole recording on the blog thing since I've been stuck at a 6 and 7 pound weight loss. Part of me is also feeling deflated b/c I found out the person who I fashioned my weight loss "goals" after, the one that I have been following on her blog, admitted that she hasn't been doing it alone after all and has been using Weight Watchers. I mean, it is good for her, she's met her 30 pound goal but I had thought it was just from her determination to be accountable on the blog and doing it on her own. So anyway, I KNOW it is possible to do it on my own, I just need to be committed to it and I think that commitment has wavered a lot these past few weeks.
* Drink 8 glasses of water
* Write down what I eat
* Exercise 5 days a week
So next weigh in should be interesting. If I don't lose weight my mind is obviously not in the game and I've got to figure out what I want most. And if I do loose some weight and break this darn cycle hopefully it will give me the motivation I need to get going on losing that 20 pounds!

Week 1 : lost 3.6 lbs
Week 2: lost 1 lb
Week 3: lost 2.2 lbs
Week 4: gained 1 lb
Week 5: lost 1.2 lbs
Week 6: gained 1.6 lbs
Week 7: lost .6 lbs

Total pounds lost: 6 lbs
Total pounds left: 14 lbs

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Grandparent visit

As mentioned in an earlier post, Grandma and Grandpa Davis came to town for a week and boy did our kids love it! Aunt Lindsie was able to come for the weekend which was double the fun for Landon and Katelyn. Here are just a few pictures of what we did that week.
Landon and Grandpa wrestled.
Aunt Lindsie and Landon rode the merry go round. (And he did awesome, not scared at all).
Mommy and Landon in the peek-a-boo hole in the Meerkat exhibit.
At the zoo. It was a bit chilly but still enjoyable.
Grandma and Landon made Rootbeer float cookies. Yum.
And Katelyn gave lots of cuddles since she had a bit of fever on and off during the visit, thanks to a cold and teething.

Thanks for coming. It was a great visit and now we just have to figure out when we'll make the trek out west.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Halloween

Unfortunately Halloween fell on a Sunday this year, but we did have a fun trunk-or-treat a couple weeks beforehand that Katelyn and Landon got to dress up for. Landon is in love with Toy Story and wanted to be Buzz Lightyear (although he hated having the hood on) and Katelyn was our little pumpkin. Too Cute:)

He thinks he's pretty cool and loved pushing the red button on his sleeves.
Who's the fairest pumpkin of them all? Katelyn! Katelyn!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy first birthday!

My little girl turned ONE on Oct. 30th. What?? Already???? One year went by so fast--even faster than Landon's first year. Why is it that on my kids' birthdays I want to cry and just hug them so darn close--they grow up so fast.
Seems like yesterday I was cradling her in arms like this
Now she's turning into a little girl and leaving the baby stage behind.

She wasn't to keen on getting dirty, but Landon grabbed a corner and showed her how.
Sharing with everyone
And so much happier to have the fork do the dirty work:)
Big brother Landon helped open the presents. Thanks to all who sent cards and presents.
And thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Davis and Aunt Lindsie for flying in to celebrate.

We Love you Katelyn Jane and are so blessed to have you in our lives. You are the most amazing little girl and the best little sister to Landon b/c you forgive him for the little bumps and bruises he gives you and continue to play with him. You love to be cuddled and always back up into our legs when you want held (darling). You make the funniest little lip-smacking noises and love to blow wet slobbery kisses and give high fives. You walk all over the place and are getting faster and faster. The outdoors is where you want to be. If the door opens and you don't get to go out you throw the biggest fit which makes us laugh because you always walk up to us and pull our pant legs and throw back your head and wail. Guess you want to make sure we are paying attention :) Stranger or no, you wave to everyone which puts a smile on their faces. Soon you will be parting ways with your binky, but I think you'll do ok without it since you are not overly attached to it:) Thank you Katelyn for a wonderful year and we just love to watch you grow.