Thursday, July 16, 2009

Food videos

A taste of lemon. The people at the next booth over thought we were so mean to inflict this taste testing upon Landon.

Another taste of lemon.

And he learned this just by watching us at the table. It's amazing what kids learn on their own.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July weekend

Aunt Lindsie came to visit us in Murfreesboro for the the Fourth of July Weekend. We, and especially Landon, enjoyed having her visit. She is great with him and he adores having all the attention.

For the Fourth of July we headed to a small tourist town just a little ways away called Bell Buckle. It is a quaint little town complete with victorian era homes, and a little row of small town shops that included craft stores, antique stores, a cafe, and an ice cream parlor. Here is the outside of the stores.

Lindsie is holding Landon in front of a painted mural of the town. Landon wanted to "pet" the little painted dogs.

And guess what else this little town is known for? Moon Pies and RC Cola. We couldn't leave without purchasing a taste.

Landon enjoyed his Banana Cream Moon Pie (well, only half of it because we didn't want him getting too hopped up on sugar).

And what is the Fourth without fireworks? It was a last minute decision but we stopped by a fireworks tent and purchased $3 worth of fireworks so Landon could watch them. (We knew he'd never make it to watch the city's fireworks show at 9 p.m.). Here is the little kid in Ben as he lights up the fireworks. I was very impressed he only purchased what he did, because when we sent him into the tent alone I thought he'd come out with a lot more!

We didn't get much of a reaction from the little guy, but he did watch intently. Aunt Lindsie held him just in case he decided to either A, run towards the fireworks, or B, runaway from them.

And the video below shows what Landon really enjoyed about the fireworks--running around the parking lot afterwards.

Oh, and we also spent July 3 in Nashville going to the farmer's market, a park and walking around the music row in downtown. Here's a clip of Landon cooling off in a water-works feature at the park. This clip is also proof that I too was part of the fourth of July weekend, somehow I managed to stay out of the pictures, but not this video).

In this photo he looks like a cat who just got it's paws wet. Anyway, that was our weekend and thanks to Lindsie's camera we were able to get some videos of Landon that are a little longer. We do have a few other videos that we'll put up later, but they just take so darn long to download.