Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pulling up

Things are changing in the Davis home. Mainly because our little girl has decided she wants a new vantage point.
She use to sit...
But can now be found standing all the time!
One day she pulled herself up on the couch, and now she pulls herself up on anything she can. She's so funny to watch "walk" back and forth along the couch. Guess my baby is growing up!

Monday, June 21, 2010

sleep what?

He may look darling in this photo below, (and he is), but this little guy has thrown us for a heck of a loop in the sleep department lately. I guess we were due for it since Katelyn has been sleeping soundly through the night for a couple months now--can't get too use to a full eight hours of sleep when you're a parent:).It has just been so strange but for a week or so he was refusing to take a nap in his crib. I tried everything--even let him cry for an hour and a half, but nothing worked. So finally, I said "Okay, no nap." And he didn't have one for a couple days and then all the sudden he fell asleep on the couch--he's never once fallen asleep anywhere but his crib for over a year now (except a carseat) so I was shocked to find him asleep during his "Dora the Explorer" cartoon. He slept, and slept, and slept (over TWO hours).
Well anyway, so I decided he can take his nap on the couch if he wants, but then he didn't want to sleep in is crib at night. He cried THREE hours before falling asleep in his crib (the night before Father's Day--so he was a cranky mean mess for Ben's special day). So anyway, we decided we'd give him stuffed animals in his crib to play with and make a big deal of what a big boy he is if he sleeps in his crib and that if he does well he'll get to go play ball outside the next day. It's worked for two nights so our fingers are crossed that we've found our solution. And guess what's next--transitioning to a toddler bed. Ha, ha.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pictures of the new home

Well here is the long awaited post that allows you to see our new home. It's taken awhile to get things put away, and as you'll see in some of the photos, we are still not done.
Front (you can see the sloped yard)
Back (notice the covered deck)
View from the deck (You can see why we bought a riding lawn mower)
Utility/Laundry/Food Storage room
The old kitchen (complete with 1970's stove that doesn't work well)
The Playroom/computer room (This is my favorite part of the house because it contains the toys to one area--mostly).
Family room
Bathroom (with original tile work that is actually still in good condition)
Guest Bedroom ( the boxes will be placed elsewhere--and there is a little bathroom connected to it so no more sharing a room or bathroom with grandkids when you come for a visit)
Katelyn's room (As soon as we set up Landon's toddler bed she'll get the crib)
Landon's room (Notice the foam carpet squares in both kid's room, that's because rugs are so expensive and we thought theses would be fun)
Our room. We still have to find places for several of these bins but eventually all will be put away. And really, we're just excited that both kids get their own rooms because they sleep so much better at night which means we do too!

Anyway, this is our new rental home on 2 acres in the country. Yay, Lebanon, Tennessee--home sweet home-- for now anyway.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Keeping me busy

I spend an awful lot of time with these kiddos and sometimes cute little photo ops present themselves. They are starting to interact a lot more with each other. Sometimes I can leave them in the playroom for a half hour and they are just fine handing toys back and forth to each other.
They often share a chair in the morning when watching a cartoon.
This makes me laugh because it looks like Katelyn took her own photo.
Here she's showing off her balance. She can now go from her tummy to a sitting position.
And here is Lando's chilling with his momma's pink shades. (Note to self: Take the sunglasses off your two year old before you put your camera away---then you still might have them intact.)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Shake it!

This clip is to tide you over until we get around to our post of the new home (rental in the country) to see where we are living. I just love that Katelyn will shake her head back and forth when you ask her to! She also jumps up and down on your lap when you whistle. Such a cutie, even with her front teeth coming in she's a doll (might have something to do with the teething medicine she gets:)