Friday, September 30, 2011

Uncle Lee and Aunt Nancy visit

We were lucky enough to have my brother Lee and sister Nancy come out and spend a couple weeks with us. While they were here they accompanied the kids and I (Ben had to work) up to Pennsylvania to spend some quality time with Grandma and Grandpa Fenstermacher. I'm grateful my siblings were along for the 12 hour drive because the kids were well entertained and traveled much better than expected.
Eating at the park pavilion
Playing in the river that goes through the town of Huntingdon. Landon and Katelyn willingly plunged into the water--ok, rather timidly made their way out into the shallow waters.

Isn't that a great picture of Grandma Fentstermacher--she thought I was taking a picture of just Nancy so she didn't try to hide this time:)
The kids looking out the big picture window at Grandma and Grandpa's house. This is a memory I have of me and my siblings doing too.
Quick snap shot of the gang--without grandma and grandpa knowing because they HATE having pictures taken and always try and sneak off.
Grandma let the kids play with a bubble machine, and they sure had fun.
The bubble action drew a few spectators:)

Back in Tennessee
Uncle Lee and Landon chilling at Cheddar's.
Cute little girl smack dab in the middle
We finally made it to Music Row in Nashville after we decided to venture out in the rain. It had been raining for two days straight and it wasn't gonna let up. We had to show Lee and Nancy at least a part of Nashville's music scene.

Thanks Lee and Nancy for coming out. The kids had a blast and were asking for Uncle "Yee" and Nancy for about a week after they left. Next time we'll have to do more outside stuff if the weather cooperates.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wilson County Fair

Still haven't found our camera cord, but here are just a few pictures of our visit to the Wilson County State Fair in August. (And if you are wondering about Landon's clashing outfit I'll just tell you now that it was Ben who dressed him:)
Cute girl on a tractor
Country Boy on a tractor
We let the kids go on this ride because it was the only one we could find that Katelyn met the height requirement needed to be on a ride without a parent:)
We watched some go cart races, and Landon decided to be in a bad mood and refused to smile in this one--stubborn kid even looks like he's having an awful time when really he had a blast! Katelyn just chilled out next to dad and watched the dirt that was kicked up by the racers.

And I just want to throw in the fact that with all that fair food, toys, games and hoopla that comes with a fair, we managed to just buy one drink of lemonade (which was gross) and pay for one ride. Who says having fun needs to cost a lot of money?! Oh yeah, there was the entrance fee too.