Saturday, February 21, 2009

Day in Nashville

We went to Nashville for some errands and while there we stopped to eat at McDonald's. Landon saw the children's play area so we brought him over to investigate. We couldn't let him go through on his own because adults are not allowed in and so our little guy would probably ramble off and never come out on his own. But someday he'll be big enough.
We strolled through the Green Hills Mall, which has a reputation for being a little Hoity Toitty (sp?). I don't know why people think that, oh wait, maybe it's the Louis Vuitton and Tiffany and Co. stores. I had to take a picture--it's definitely not something you see in the Idaho Falls mall! The Tiffancy and Co store had this huge, thick stainless steel door that secures the store at night--so I don't think anyones going to get away with any of those priceless jewels. Oh, and another reason for it's snobby rep might have something to do with who shops there. When I pulled up there were three security cars parked outside and a person was being escorted into a big SUV. Once I got in the store the security gaurd said that Leann Rimes had just left.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Little guy walking

So we've been saying for the past month now that Landon has been starting to walk more. We finally decided we had to try and get it on tape. (He walks better than this but we excited him a little too much). Anyway the funny thing is that he would walk when he wanted to but would crawl most of the time and then suddenly on the 18th he quit crawling and just walks! (That is excatly his ten month mark!) We're proud of our over-acheiver, of course his little cousin (second cousin?) Londyn started walking at 9 months so we give her the win on that one. Now, we're just wondering when he'll start getting more teeth in...

Friday, February 13, 2009

Outdoor fun

I am playing catch up. These photos were taken last week when we went to Nashville because Ben had to go to jail. Landon and I tagged along, but while Ben and his classmates toured the maximum-security jailhouse (for school purposes), the two of us went to the Farmers Market and Bicentennial Park. The park is a statue park and tells the history of the area and has a lot of green space so Landon enjoyed walking (and falling), and crawling on the grass. Oh and I have to say I passed a motherhood milestone that day because I decided not to get upset about his new shoes getting scuffed or his pants getting grass stained because "Boys, will be boys" and if I start sweating the small stuff now I'll be a total wreck in the future when I have a house full of kids getting into everything. Click on the photos to make them larger if you'd like. We switched to a slower form of internet to save a little cash and it is hard to download big images.
We both enjoyed the many park benches

I brought his ball and we rolled it back and forth.
A little poodle decided he wanted to play with us too
and Landon wasn't too sure what he thought about that.

Everytime I handed Landon a leaf
he'd drop it down the drain.

Two and a half hours of outdoor fun
zonked the little guy right out.