Monday, July 22, 2013

Birthday Boy

We have ourselves a FIVE year old!

 This boy opted to have fun at two sporting events (the DENVER NUGGETS and the COLORADO ROCKIES games) instead of a big old birthday party. And I think it was a smart choice. He had so much fun going with his daddy and staying up late watching the games. He even took the light rail to the basketball game. Only downside was it was pretty cold out there for the baseball game.

 On the Light Rail to the Nuggets game.
The Atlanta Braves vs. Rockies game. The evening game was canceled because of a snow storm, so Ben got off of work the following afternoon for the make up game. It still was the coldest game of the year!

He also enjoyed all of his presents. So a big thank you to those who sent him everything.

Landon, we love you very much and can't believe how fast you are growing up. You have absolutely shined in your preschool class with your love of learning and are a great big brother to your sisters. You play with Baby Ally all the time and are a joy to have around. 

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